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The addiction trap


The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is serious business. Every responsible citizen ought to inform themselves about that seriousness and do everything possible to protect themselves and others.

That being said, I fear that our country is falling into a trap out of which it may never recover. That trap is the addiction to negativity and fear.

It's well known in psychology that when a human is afraid, the part of the brain that reasons and plans appropriately is turned off or greatly hampered.

Leaders take advantage of that fear, and the media can magnify dread in order to gain followers. The focus on what might happen, and how many people might die, is especially insidious and dangerous.

My suggested alternative is this: Pick out an hour or two a day of your favorite news/commentary outlet, arm yourself with facts, and take appropriate action.

Then, shut off the incessant fearmongering and nourish yourself with quality media, including books, movies, and even television.

It's time for Americans to pull back from the black hole of fear and dread. Else, when this pandemic lessens, we'll be so focused on negativity that our weakened state will leave us vulnerable to relentless hucksterism and control.

Will Powers


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