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The ‘silent majority’ has spoken


Paul Begala of CNN “Crossfire� fame made a remarkable concession — he said the Democrats are out of touch with heartland values and they must come to grips with the so-called “God gap.� Begala is right on this point!

We took the president at his word when he said, “Americans of both political parties have always had respect and reverence for the institution of marriage. Never in our history has marriage been a partisan issue, and it’s not a partisan issue today. If you [believe] that marriage should be protected from activist judges, I’d be honored to have your vote.�

On these and other important issues, millions of Americans trusted not only President Bush, but also voted to send more pro-family, pro-life conservatives to the House and Senate in order to give him the votes he needs to act on our agenda.

The first test is coming and it will be tremendous. Chief Justice William Rehnquist is battling thyroid cancer and some reports suggest his condition is worse than originally thought. America’s “silent majority� shouted on Tuesday and that got everyone’s attention! Following this, the Senate must act quickly to confirm the president’s conservative nominees to our federal courts. Second, we must pass a federal marriage protection amendment so there is no question whatsoever about the meaning of marriage in America.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grand

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