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The Bible predicts climate change

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With all the back-and-forth opinion pieces in New Times, I think the folks warning about climate change should be listened to! The climate is changing. Despite any "pause" or conflicting data (yes, it's out there) influenced by politics, power, and funding, the Earth is going to get hotter. Eventually one third of trees and all green grass will burn up (Revelation 8). Then the sun will scorch men with fire and great heat (Revelation 16).

We should absolutely try to find a balance of being good stewards of the Earth, and allow access to any energy needed for the poor and undeveloped countries. A good first step in finding that balance may be for us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

Remember that when we do see increasing droughts (Mark 13), earthquakes (Matthew 24), and ocean turmoil (Luke 21), it's only the beginning of sorrows. We may very well be able to manipulate the environment to what is deemed acceptable, for a time. But no amount of money (Zephaniah 1) or regulation (1 Thessalonians 5) is going to keep the Earth from burning (2 Peter 3). The best thing we can do is turn away from our carnality and pride, and humble ourselves at the foot of the cross.

Greg Larson

San Luis Obispo


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