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The biggest reason to impeach

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There are many good reasons to impeach President Donald Trump, but the one I find most compelling that's never mentioned is his commitment to obstruct any progress that would help fight the inevitable, currently occurring, climate change crisis. He and his appointees, many of them former fossil fuel industry lobbyists, have done their best to roll back all regulations that might help that crisis, from fighting emission standards set by the state of California to opening up previously off-limits land for logging.

He has expunged the mention of climate change in government documents and made disastrous appointees to cabinet positions, as well as firing or retiring scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The list of his attempts to destroy President Barack Obama's laudable environmental achievements are endless.

I call him "The Destroyer in Chief" (opposing serious gun control regulation adds to this title). In all this, he is aided and abetted by most Republicans who are spineless and have done nothing to deal with climate change or to pass serious gun control regulations. Impeach!

Judith Bernstein

Arroyo Grande


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