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The blame game gone awry



With Hillary Clinton’s recent reappearance and Kathy Griffin’s bizarre stunt, we are witnessing a new phenomenon: the art of blaming others for self-inflicted wounds.

Sadly, Hillary has yet to come to terms with her stunning defeat at the hands of an inherently unlikable victor. While she starts saying that she bears responsibility for her loss, she then immediately transitions into blaming everybody but herself. Her desperate grasp for power was all too visible. She refuses to see that she lost because of who she was and what she did and didn’t do. It was the truth of her character that did her in.

Then Kathy Griffin showed her incredibly tasteless judgement with her photo holding the severed head of President Trump. And what does she do? She holds the strangest of press conferences to tell the world that she is the victim, blaming Donald Trump for making her do it. Her claim between sobs that “He broke me” was woefully misplaced. Griffin broke herself.

To ascribe the real blame for their demise, Hillary and Kathy need only to look in the mirror to find the truth.

-- Jeannette Watson - Arroyo Grande

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