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The capitalist caste system


Many of us were born into an economic system that is so beyond our reach, it isn't even funny. If you are born into poverty you may end up in poverty. Not always but statistics bear this out.

I was born into a working middle-class family. That kind of modest middle-class is gone. If it were not for the inclusion of my Social Security, I would be in a shelter.

I work at 66, am a newly divorced breast cancer survivor and mother of two successful kids. This runaway economy wants to leave me behind. So far, I am one step ahead.

Gary Wechter ("The affordable housing myth," Nov. 2) and those who hold his views would be wise to read "The Necessity of Poverty" by British writer John Bird. Bird points out how capitalism needs low-paying employees in order to survive. It is our culture's version of an Indian caste system, but we pretend we can just get out of poverty by clapping our hands and believing in fairies. Poverty is built into our system.

Poverty and homelessness are problems, but I'm guessing they aren't for Wechter. We need fewer bullies at the pulpit of reality and a paradigm shift into a positive attitude and caring demonstration for these less fortunate who have every right to reside in our high-end communities.

Barbara Alward

Morro Bay

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