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The chair matters



I believe Supervisor Gibson lacks honesty. Why?

Having been chair of many boards for years in total, Gibson knows the chair holds extraordinary power over board agendas and is, therefore, highly political. Pretending the selection of chair is merely “ceremonial and routine” is dishonest. The backlash and brickbats prove it is political.

Gibson knows every item requires public comment. Printed agendas never specify comment periods for every item. Gibson also knows hearing public comment after a vote does not “cure” a Brown Act violation. The public can only have input when comment is received before a vote is taken. A re-vote was necessary.

Gibson knows District 4 was short-changed upon Paul Teixeira’s passing. Caren Ray, having years of experience, should have become chair. Instead, Gibson assumed chair for 1 1/2 years, allotting himself the extra six months. Electing our District 4 supervisor vice-chair now cures that.

Gibson admits Supervisor Hill held the chair in 2011. Hill was not the “logical choice” when Supervisor Arnold has not had a turn.

Gibson now fears “partisanship will be playing a central role in policymaking.” Stephen Colbert calls that “truthiness.” Gibson is asserting his own causes are nonpartisan.

Worst, Gibson uses the boogeyman labels “COLAB” and “Tea Party” to bring partisan ideology right into his “apology for allowing the routine to get politicized.” His broad-brush invective smears each of the 100 persons in attendance on Feb. 3. Gibson misrepresents the many nonmembers of the above groups, and he implies that those who are members don’t deserve a voice in their government.

In truth, it is Supervisor Gibson’s—and Hill’s—practice of routinely ignoring the “same old faces” who attend, attempting to be heard, that caused this issue of who holds chair and vice chair to ignite. Mr. Gibson should apologize for that.

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

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