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The change we need


During the debate between challenger Jimmy Paulding and incumbent SLO County 4th District Supervisor Lynn Compton, Ms. Compton said she views every vote through the prism of small business owners and the economy. While that approach has merit, it is also shortsighted and narrow. It fails to consider the long-term impacts of her votes on water supplies, air quality, infrastructure, congestion, and quality of life for all. And it lacks vision and long-range planning.

Jimmy Paulding will listen to the concerns of all constituents and work to find balance between growth and the health of our environment. He has a vision for revitalizing Old Town Nipomo and Oceano and the necessary experience in city planning and community outreach to make it happen. He will develop a concrete plan to meet future energy and water needs and work to obtain grants to improve roads.

We need an inclusive, forward-looking approach to county governance. Jimmy Paulding is the change we need.

Cindy Hansen

Arroyo Grande

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