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The county is regulating agriculture


I am curious about how the agricultural folks of your readership feel about their products being regulated. Does the county of San Luis Obispo have the power to tell orchard growers how large and what type of product to grow? Are sheepherders and grape growers, like the Wonderful Co., regulated in size or type by the county?

The newest agricultural addition, pot, is being treated entirely different. The states of Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are benefiting from a larger tax base and more employment for private security firms (staffed by former Iraq and Afghanistan veterans) to move the cash monies around. I've never figured out why they don't just go ahead and create their own private bank. As a plus, marijuana users typically don't crash their cars stupidly or shoot lots of people or school children with guns.

I, for one, do not smoke marijuana and could really care less who does. So, again, I am curious and want to hear from the ag folks about how they feel about it.

Wayne Newport

Arroyo Grande

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