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The county's newest planning commissioner should be replaced



It is time to stop the nonsense. Time to stop pretending that ideologically based opinion has the same value as tested science. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors has appointed a man, Dan Del Campo, to the county Planning Commission who “has repeatedly expressed opposition to the notion of man-made climate change” (New Times, Feb. 23).

I suppose he also opposes the idea that the sun is at the center of our solar system, and that the Earth is round. This man is in a position to influence important uses of fossil fuels in our county, yet he is not qualified to do so, for he is ignorant of one of the most important scientific findings of human history: Human use of fossil fuels is causing changes in the global climate that could bring catastrophic hardship upon us all. His appointment must be rescinded, and a qualified person named in his place.

-- Johanna Rubba - Grover Beach

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