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The Diablo roadblock


Will Gov. Newsom turn his back on the residents, businesses, economy, and environment of the Central Coast for $6 billion from the federal government? The stakes are high on his proposed application for this handout to Diablo Canyon, the last standing nuclear generating plant in California.

He is willing to spend this money propping up an old, outdated, problem-ridden earthquake-straddling dinosaur instead of investing in the future and present answers to truly clean energy generation. Bottom line is ratepayers always end up paying. PG&E is applying once again for a rate raise.

The joint settlement agreement of 2018 on decommissioning Diablo Canyon gave PG&E until 2024 and 2025 to work toward safe decommissioning. Their plans to develop and distribute wind, solar, and other clean energy that doesn't leave tens of thousands of tons of high-level radioactive waste for future generations to secure would be a welcome change in their portfolio. Keeping Diablo boiling water with radioactive elements is a roadblock to green energy.

Marty Brown


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