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The 'disgruntled' will not rest


Mayor Heidi Harmon told her supporters, "But we choose love" ("Harmon re-elected SLO Mayor, Christianson and Stewart on council," Nov. 8), on election night. It seems intended to imply that the Gurnee team and voters do not choose love. Is it supposed to mean that Ken Schwarz, Dave Romero, Alan Settle, Dr. Tedone, and the SLO firefighters do not "choose love" (whatever that is supposed to mean)?

Heidi Harmon derides "a small, but loud, and consistently disgruntled" contingent in SLO ("SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon vows to bridge community divide after big win," SLO Tribune, Nov. 7) who has opposed the city on a number of development decisions. If Harmon hopes as she says, "that we will continue to work together to create a brighter future for our city," she would be well advised to express herself in more positive language.

As Harmon assumes her second term as mayor, buoyed by her win, may sober reflection on issues raised within the campaign refine her judgment and choice of words. May we witness a mayor who has learned from her experience.

Let civility be demonstrated, not simply pledged, by our local government and our local media.

Post-election civility begins with journalism that reports in neutral, factual language that is equally fair to loser and refrains from extolling the winner.

Keith Gurnee lost and phoned to congratulate Heidi Harmon. Was that reported? Indeed the race for mayor was contentious, as is any campaign of two opposing candidates. Gurnee criticized, challenged, had a vision, made promises. That is the nature of campaign rhetoric. To state that Gurnee's campaign was one of "fear and misinformation" as Harmon is quoted to have said in the Nov. 8 New Times article after winning, is untrue as well as unchivalrous. The only fear that one could imagine to have been induced by Gurnee's campaign is Harmon's fear of not being re-elected. That fear can now be put at rest. The large, "disgruntled" group will not be put at rest.

Genevieve Czech

San Luis Obispo

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