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The Dreamers deserve better



Well, the Do-Nothing Republicans in the Do-Nothing Republican-controlled Congress in Washington have, with the help of a racist conservative judge in Republican Texas, finally done something.

Together, they have thrown cold water on the hopes of millions of American kids, known as “Dreamers” because they believe in this country.

I have trouble with the latest machinations of the Republicans for three reasons:

First of all, these kids are good people. Their parents have helped make this country work, and these kids will, too.

Second, these kids were brought to this country when they were minors; it is the only home they have ever known. And since when in the United States of America do we punish children for the sins of their fathers?

Third, if the Republicans’ machinations result in these kids being rounded up and deported, their actions will be equated with the Nazis’ rounding up and deporting of Gypsies and Jews.

-- Richard Miller - Los Osos

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