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The dunes should open


How many miles of California coast are open to the public? Answer: All of it! Some Californians choose to recreate in vehicles. Some choose to enjoy it in other ways. In all fairness, one group should not be able to deny another group their enjoyment. It belongs to all Californians.

Because someone with their own personal agenda doesn't like what "a large number" of Californians are enjoying, they should "go pound sand," pun intended.

Driving on a beach in this country is unique. It has the ability to draw tourists from around the world to this particular beach for that reason and that reason only.

Being a lifelong resident, I know the impact of tourism in the South County and what would happen if the beach was closed to vehicles. Our part of the county would die and blow away like the sand into Santa Maria and beyond.

Lynnette Coxon

South County

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