The Eagle lands again


An American Eagle flight heading for L.A. was forced to land Monday after a stewardess smelled smoke in the plane. The flight was the second in the last two months forced to return to SLO after takeoff. The first happened on Aug. 4 when American Eagle Flight 3004 returned to SLO after the pilot noticed that one engine was malfunctioning. The pilot turned off the engine and the plane landed safely with the single remaining engine.

Dave Jackson, spokesman for American Eagle, said officials have determined the cause of both issues. The first flight had to return because of moisture in the air that caused the engine to overheat. In Monday's, smoke was caused by residual oil on the engine causing a burning smell.

"The analogy is when you put oil in your car and smell the oil burning off afterwards,- said Jackson. "American Eagle has complete confidence in pre-flight checks done by its pilots and safety crews.-


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