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The gaping divide



New Times is to be commended for publishing Al Fonzi’s opinion piece “The racist roots of Earth Day” (April 27). The article reveals the growing, seemingly unbridgeable gap between far right conspiracy theorists and the rest of us. Other than a brief reference to “our feathered friends” while advocating a return to the widespread use of DDT, Mr. Fonzi got through about 1,000 words on the subject of Earth Day without mentioning any animals (other than 7-plus billion homo sapiens), flora (plants, trees, and stuff like that), global warming, or sea life of any kind. To undo the “damage” caused by environmental initiatives like Earth Day, Mr. Fonzi seems to advocate ending efforts to help families have fewer children here and worldwide, and he holds family planning programs responsible for the spread of AIDs in Africa. Eyes wide open.

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

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