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The government needs to do more for small organic farms


As a student studying social justice within the systems of agriculture, I wish to add to the Flavor piece "Think of the farmer" (Feb. 27). The author, Beth Giuffre, sheds light on the challenges small-scale farmers are facing in this current day and age in agriculture and does a great job of highlighting the economic and crop diversity issues. However, what is not addressed are the social inequalities that exist for farmers attempting to start their own organic farms and the role the government plays in influencing organic or conventional growing in California.

Historically, many farmers of color are denied the access to land and even consideration of loans needed to jumpstart their land purchases or rent. In order to truly help the small organic farms, there should be a call to action not only for the consumers but for the politicians as well in order to continue the 35 percent growth rate of organic farms, as reported by Giuffre.

The "think globally, act locally" mentality only works so far to engage people in making conscious decisions about their food, but ultimately, the government must implement and reinforce a system which gives small organic farms a fighting chance in the monopolized industrial agriculture market without the fear of getting stuck in the cost-price squeeze.

Katy Art

Santa Cruz

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