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The human in humanity


Today, July 27, I was reduced to tears by the actions of a kind, generous person in front of the Dallidet Adobe. First, there was the horrendous experience of seeing a person lying either dead or unconscious in the street with cars all around. Then, there was the compassion and concern of a young woman who kept the cars at bay and decided to help. A young man had apparently inhaled a toxic aerosol and collapsed in the street in front of the adobe. A young woman got out of her car and on her cellphone to call for help. Other people in their cars had stopped to avoid the young man, who was on his back in the street, but the young woman stayed on the sidewalk. I don't know her name but her compassion and concern have moved me to tears all day. Thank you to her. And thank you to all the other people in our community who show compassion and caring and toward others daily and are seldom, if ever, recognized.



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