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The law is there to be followed or changed via proper channels



It seems that lately some people have taken it upon themselves to be judge and jury in some recent incidents. From their comments, it looks like they somehow can’t read the facts and use common sense, but just jump in with their emotions. The law is just that: the law. If it needs to be changed, you do it by the legislative process—not by putting blindfolds on and disobeying it.

Police officers are sworn to enforce the law that has been upheld by the Constitution of the United States. A recent letter by Tom Fulks of Morro Bay points to the federal investigation as the ultimate fact finder in the cases ("Dyspeptic op-ed," Tribune, Dec. 6).

In my opinion, we have the most corrupt Department of Justice and IRS this nation has ever seen. The DOJ has exhibited its lying and ineptness on so many incidents—the gun-running issue, as well as others—I don’t see how anyone could accept a decision coming out of that agency.

Please look at the law-abiding side. If a law says you can’t stand on a street corner selling live rabbits and an officer comes and tells you to stop, as it is illegal, you stop selling live rabbits. You don’t argue or resist, but follow the law.

In all of the latest issues that are on the table, the people thought they were above the law, and in some instances took a violent stance against the officer upholding his duty. To me, this is just plain stupid. If you think the law is unfair, make the change using the basis provided in our Constitution—not rioting and interrupting everyone else’s life.

-- Chuck Reasor - Morro Bay

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