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The LOCSD must be stopped


Regarding your News section story (Feb. 17-24) on “Contractors bid on sewer despite suspension threat�:

If anyone in Los Osos is puzzling over whether or not to sign recall papers on the three seated CSD board members, they might want to pay attention to the upcoming vote by those three board members to not only open bid packages for the sewer project, but to vote to sign those contracts only days before the Coastal Commission will decide whether to investigate and rule on the validity of information they were given by that same CSD concerning the sewer site permit.

A fair question voters need to ask themselves is this: Is voting to sign contracts on a project of this size and cost before a critical hearing can take place a sign of fiscal prudence? Or a reckless act that could result in even more lawsuits and more wasted money?


Ann Calhoun

Los Osos

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