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The major parties cause gridlock

Morro Bay



California voters had a chance in June to send a strong message to Sacramento and had a chance to take one small step toward breaking the political gridlock that has gripped this state for decades. Voters could have cast ballots for one of several non-major-party candidates for governor, lt. governor, attorney general, and even the state senate. Instead, the majority chose to vote for the Republican and Democratic candidates. It’s remarkable to me they could be so blind.  

 The two major political parties are two heads of the same monster that has jammed up the political process, regularly failed to accomplish a state budget on time, and wasted countless millions (or maybe billions) of taxpayer dollars.

 Candidates from both of the major parties proudly declare they will bring spending under control, end gridlock, and reform state government. However, they are loyal members of their respective parties and both parties are to blame for the out-of-control, wasteful spending that has become the norm in Sacramento. No Republican or Democratic candidate is capable of fixing the spending problem or any other problem in Sacramento.  They and their political parties are the problem.

 Voting for another Democrat or Republican is the epitome of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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