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The nerve!


This seems to be the era of rank dishonesty in politics. Specifically on the right-wing Republican side.

I sometimes spend some of my downtime watching YouTube videos. But it seems lately that every single video I watch is preceded by a No on Measure G ad. But what's maddening is that the oil companies putting out these ads always state that Measure G will ban all oil drilling in the county, even old sites. However I happen to have in front of me the county voter information pamphlet, and within that booklet are all of the items on which we will be voting on Nov. 6. One, of course, is Measure G. In the Argument Against Measure G section they make this statement, "Measure G would shut down existing oil and gas production." Yet in impartial analysis of Measure G it clearly states that, "The measure bans any new petroleum extraction but permits as a 'nonconforming use' any petroleum extraction existing on the effective date of the measure," (italics are mine).

I mean, how dishonest are these oil hounds anyway? Do they think we can't read, or are just hoping that we won't bother?

Please vote yes on Measure G. Let's not let these charlatans wreck our county.

Jane Dawton

Grover Beach

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