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The pledge need not include "under God"

San Luis Obispo



I missed the issue that gave Emily Thurston space to write her suggestion that “under God” be removed from our pledge (“Remove ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance,” June 25), but I enjoyed the responses it brought from readers. I remember when that phrase was added. At the time I was too busy raising kids to pay a lot of attention, but now I see many reasons for removing it. I don’t say it myself.
I’m 82 years old. I come from a Christian tradition but study and life experience has led me to a faith that is inclusive rather than exclusive. I live by useful principles, which urge respect in human relations, justice, the democratic process, and commitment to a sustainable future. Belief in a deity is unnecessary.
I am a Unitarian Universalist. To join our community we ask only that someone has a sincere desire to find meaning in life. There are seven principles to help. Whatever their belief, they are welcome. Take look at our website uufsloc.org, then come out and discover how satisfying participating with a diverse group of interesting people can be.

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