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The politics of hypocrisy


In his recent New Times letter "Partisan politics have infected this county" (Feb. 2), Laurance Shindeman's citation of Judge Judy's book Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining was a cute device. Alas, it was Laurance's blatant partisanship that was on full display in confirming his own hypocritical bent. With his words, Shindeman peed on his own leg.

His tiresome rant against the SLO County Board of Supervisors majority is now the constant refrain of his highly partisan campaign to return Supervisor Adam Hill to majority control of the county by advocating the election of Hill's hand-picked opponent to Supervisor Lynn Compton—Jimmy Paulding. Unfortunately, Jimmy's made the mistake of accepting Hill's support.

Electing Paulding to "take the partisan out of politics"? Please!

Then came Dan Cook's response to Shindeman's piece. Whining about the board denying Hill his coveted position as board's chairman, thereby depriving his constituents of "fair representation before the board"? Give me a break!

Do you guys actually believe what you are writing? What are you smoking?

No one was more responsible for his and his constituents' demise than Hill himself. His boorish behavior and his studied, deliberate alienation of the votes he needed from the board was a self-inflicted wound—the same wound that his voters did to themselves by electing Hill to the board.

Yes, it's true. It's Shindeman's brand of partisan politics and hypocrisy that have infected this county via the unprincipled, single-minded campaign being waged against Compton.

Terri Stricklin


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