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The Pope's not infallible

San Luis Obispo



Regarding the letter from Bill Denneen (“The Pope should resign or make license plates,” April 8), I don’t think either option is plausible. To resign is a voluntary act: Since the Pope is appointed by God and given the distinction of infallibility, why would, should, or how could he resign? Apparently, because he is infallible and can do no wrong, questioning his intent as a man of God is wrong, dare I say even sinful, on our part as mere mortals.

Making license plates suggests criminal wrongdoing that would get him jail time. The irony is we know what happens to people in jail—if you are of the an eye-for-an-eye belief, that could be considered just punishment. But Denneen wants to put God on trial by alleging that raping children under the color of office as a man of God is illegal. All I can say is he’s really pushing his luck. I think Denneen’s only saving grace may be he might not believe any of this hooey about infallibility and all the other crap that goes along with self-anointing, self-righteous, arrogant, belligerent, politically advantageous, power-based, corrupt organizations like the Catholic church, U.S. Supreme Court, Democratic Party, Republican Party, et al. Men make laws declaring themselves perfect; so it must be true, right? Who believes this stuff anyway? More importantly, why do they belief this stuff?

-- Jeanne Blackwell - San Luis Obispo

-- Jeanne Blackwell - San Luis Obispo

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