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The power to impose your will


I am appalled by the trend toward government intervention in women's right to choose. It is so repellant to me that I'm stirring from complacency now despite every other outrage I've let slip.

No one has any right to exert power over another individual's choices unless they're in charge. Who believes they hold a higher power? From where is it derived? How dare you decide right?

Any individual assuming such authority accepts all responsibilities for imposing their will upon another person. Without knowing that person. Without caring. Just judging that person by some criteria you've imposed. Statistics or stereotypes or stigmas that may not be valid at all.

I'm the father of a 28-year-old son. I'm also the father of two babies that didn't make it to term. After each miscarriage, as a devout Christian, I believed that it was God's will that my wife got pregnant and for some reason God chose to terminate that pregnancy. I accepted it as grace.

I don't know one woman who hasn't had an abortion or a miscarriage. Two have experienced stillbirths. God-fearing women both. I don't see how God would will that heartbreak on any believer. So hush ye holy fetal guardians—you're lost. This argument is beyond your capacity.

Begin by acknowledging that God aborts far more than any doctor. Then go carry your poster.

Bryan Parker

San Luis Obispo

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