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The price of cannabis

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With California's experiment in legalizing marijuana, thanks to Governor-would-be Gavin Newsom, the crows are coming home to roost.

With the new murders of two more men in our local cannabis capital of California Valley, deadly drug criminality has metastasized itself in our fair county, and we are paying the price. Supervisors Adam Hill, Bruce Gibson, and their minion Jimmy Paulding, want to open the floodgates for this activity throughout our county, regardless of the consequences.

That the board majority of Compton, Arnold, and Peschong has resisted these political drug pushers is to their great credit.

Cannabis production in California isn't going away anytime soon. It's here to stay. But it's a new challenge to our state and local government, one that needs to be treated with caution despite the pleadings and machinations of their opponents who would spread it everywhere.

Thinking people know that Compton and company are doing right by us by walking before they run on this issue. Let's keep them in office to protect our county and our children.

Linda Trahey

Los Osos


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