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The price of paradise

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As a native of San Luis Obispo, I have found it very hard to get by. My work is being threatened by cuts from city funding. Ride-On Transportation is a company that transports handicapped adults to work programs, seniors to doctor's appointments, and many other places like weddings and tour groups. Ride-On has been in this area since 1993 and has always worked hard to provide safe and timely transportation to all it serves. How the SLO Council of Governments could cut funding to this great local company is criminal. We should be supporting local community transportation and the jobs it provides. I'm worried that with this cruel action, I'm not going to have a job or a home to live in. I'm a 16-year employee with this company and have loved working for them. I hope this sad story has a happy ending. I hope the Council of Governments saves Ride-On. They deserve it.

Dawn Carra

San Luis Obispo


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