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The problem with beaming up William Shatner


The forest fires, floods, drought, and the extreme weather we are all living with just got some help from William Shatner, Jeff Bezos, and his billionaire buddies. The latest version of a rich guy buying a Ferrari is launching yourself into space for a 10-minute joy ride. But what is the real cost of some rich dud getting shot into space so that he or she can come back to all our earthly problems and declare how amazing and precious this third rock from the sun truly is? Well, that 10-minute "see God moment" is equivalent to going on 100 long-distance airplane trips in pollution and resources. We are in the era of rich folks coming back to Earth and telling us what a profound experience it was and how the world is such an interconnected place, which the common folk learned in school with a terrarium and a photo of the Earth. So either we start sending as many people who have not figured this out into space as quickly as possible to affect this change, or we get rich folks a terrarium and a photo of the Earth and have them figure it out without everyone else paying the ultimate price for it. William Shatner and the rich folk astronauts to follow "going where rich folks have gone before" have kids, grandkids, and future grandkids who will be swimming in the pool (or should I say terrarium) they just shit in. How stupid are we?

Bob Armstrong

Arroyo Grande

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