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The proposed quarry will negatively impact safety



The proposed Las Pilitas Resources LLC mine location would create a significant safety hazard on S.R. 58. There has been much discussion about how many truck trips there will actually be per day. In reality, even a much lower number of truck trips would create a hazard due to loaded 80,000-pound gravel trucks exiting the project driveway. Attention has been given to the danger of trucks turning left into the project driveway and the necessity for a left turn lane, but the project does not include an acceleration lane. Loaded trucks would pull directly out onto S.R. 58 from just east of the Salinas River bridge, climbing up a grade and over the 323-foot-long bridge. The trucks will travel for nearly a half mile uphill before they would be able to gain speed. Frustrated drivers might pass in this dangerous section, and there could be serious accidents.

There are other existing aggregate mines in the area with plenty of untapped resources that will be permitted as needed to meet our future aggregate demands. These existing operations are better sited with much safer access to and from our public roads. The public should not be required to suffer the dangerous impacts of this poorly sited project. If county decision makers approve this proposed quarry, it must include conditions requiring an acceleration lane on S.R. 58 to save lives.

-- Elisabeth Rathjen, Stephen Gonzales - Santa Margarita

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