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The re-election rotation game



My observation is that two supervisors are up for election during the governor’s race and three supervisors are up for election during the president’s race. So during an election cycle, the best year to be chair is the year citizens can vote for you. In the most recent election, Supervisor Gibson was chair during his 2014 re-election, Patterson 2012, and planned for Hill 2016.

Supervisor Gibson has exercised a reign of terror on speakers. He had rules that discouraged speakers from showing up if they were late; he had speakers silenced and removed from the chambers. Supervisors Gibson and Hill berated the public over and over again for standing up for property rights and limiting government. These two men are the biggest ideologues in our county. They stand for the opposite of the oath they took to provide and protect our county citizens’ rights.

So the game has been to be “chair” and have its power belong to Gibson and his puppets. He was hoping to be able to move Mecham’s lips, then Hill’s, to in effect still be chair. Supervisor Mecham surprised us all by being his own man—very inspiring in every way!

-- Laura Mordaunt - San Luis Obispo

-- Laura Mordaunt - San Luis Obispo

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