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The real deal on becoming climate leaders


San Luis Obispo is poised to become one of the most ambitious municipalities when it comes to climate action. Our local Climate Reality Project chapters, Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo County, have emerged to facilitate this action by empowering local residents and students to become active leaders for climate action. Our goals align with forming our communities into a broad coalition of support to make carbon neutrality a reality, and bring new business, investments, and an enhanced quality of life as a result.

We have several community members, including students, business owners, political leaders, and community organizers who will be traveling to Atlanta in March for a climate leadership training. They will be trained by former Vice President Al Gore, founder and leader of the global organization. Our mission is to build community consensus around climate policies that proceed from climate resolutions to make sure we achieve set goals and actively include each facet of our community. We are here to support, listen, and act.

Find out more at climaterealityslo.org and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Dylan Stafforini

chairperson, Climate Reality Project Cal Poly chapter

Rita Casaverde

chairperson, Climate Reality Project SLO County chapter

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