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The real new normal


Yes, ITNsquared. "It's the new normal." I love these! The "Great California Drought," ITNsquared. It had nothing to do with the abandonment of Gov. Pat Brown's plans for a growing California with more reservoirs and infrastructure programs. Nope! Global warming is the villain. Historic forest fires destroying homes, closing freeways, and rail lines, shutting down businesses and schools. It had nothing to do with forest management, like controlled burns, fire breaks, and such. Definitely global warming. Humbug!

Social services has an admonishment for derelict parents who fail to "raise" their children. "You can take the responsibility to raise your child or the government will do it for you." In this case, you can be good stewards of the land or mother nature will do it. Something's missing in Sacramento, and we can start with common sense. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but in Gov. Brown's case some cow gave it a solid hoof to the next pasture.

Every liberal should have ITNsquared tattooed in the web of his (her, or its) right hand thumb and forefinger so when they go glad-handing for votes you know what you can expect. But I am holding my breath; not that I'm trying to reduce carbon pollution, they've blown away decades of that effort with these fires. I'm waiting for the California economy to collapse because of unfunded pension liabilities. How will they blame that on global warming?

Jan Lipski

Vandenberg Village

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