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The real problem


I agree with the statement, "Immigrants aren't the problem," in the May 17 letter to the editor. However, illegal immigrants, aka illegal aliens, are becoming a problem.

The thousands of our ancestors who came through Ellis Island didn't come through because the U.S. had an open border policy. There were rules and laws to follow. There was a waiting list. You had to have a sponsor who could vouch for you, and you had to have a job lined up before getting here. After arriving, you needed to learn English and work toward becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen.

There are many good, hard-working immigrants in our country, but there are also many who have come in via the open border policy, who bring in drugs and are involved in gangs, human trafficking, and other crimes. In the eight years of the Democrats' policies, MS-13 gangs grew, we have an epidemic drug problem, and in many cases, a total disregard for our laws and immigration policies.

Just because we have a president who loves our country and is following the law to protect the citizens of the United States does not make him a dictator.

As Americans, we can't enter other countries illegally, so why is it OK for others to enter our country illegally? They are not entitled.

Also, regarding the "Remember when fascism was funny?" letter (May 17), I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I do watch Fox News and I do support our president ("The man in the White House"). I find truth in both unlike other media. They also both defend the "egalitarian and democratic principles of this country." But they will never defend liberalism as we know it today because it is a socialistic view not based on democratic principles at all.

Helena Leal


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