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The removal of Oceano beach


Two million visitors a year drive on Oceano beach for a day trip or on their way to Sand City, 1,000 unmarked campsites for $10 a night, and the Sand Highway, the off-roading playground on the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreational Area.

Driving back, they carry tons of sand on their tires. Most of it is deposited on Pier Avenue and in the vicinity. The sand on Pier Avenue is almost totally found just on its south side. Cars leaving the beach drop it from their tires.

State Parks and SLO County regularly sweep and remove the sand at least two days a week. I inquired with parks and the county and learned that the grand total of sand removed from Ocean beach averages 34.7 tons of sand per week mostly via Pier Avenue. Our county spends $600 a month to have the sand removed. The sand is contaminated and cannot be put back on the beach. We are paying to have our own beach thrown into one of our landfills.

Oceano is losing its beach! Our community is at tremendous risk from sea level rise and stormy high tide conditions. Driving on Oceano's beach should be banned.

Lucia Casalinuovo


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