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The right to protest is what I fought for



Some people complain and think just because somebody is protesting that they are lazy or don’t have a job when a good percentage do and are hard workers. Everyone has different schedules. We’re not all running on the same time clock, and to automatically judge someone for using their free time in a way that you don’t approve of, is wrong. I’m a Cuesta College student and in the EMT program. I am also an eight-year U.S. Army combat veteran, where I was a 31 Bravo, (military police officer). I protested against Trump with hundreds others a couple of months ago in SLO. Do I feel that I am an entitled little student that needs a “safe room”?

No. I am practicing my freedom of speech. Practicing what I was deployed for. Practicing what I was shot at for. Practicing what I saw my best friend murdered for. I am 32 years old and finally able to practice my freedom of speech, because when one is on active duty, you can’t practice that. We all have freedom to think and speak whatever we want. Don’t be so fast to judge others. Love wins.

-- Josiah Johnstone - Cuesta College student

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