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The Senate has been hijacked



I write this with a heavy heart as I have witnessed the U.S. Senate display completely its loyalty to neither the majority of citizens nor representative democracy. I am even more certain of its dysfunction as reasonable efforts to enforce rational gun control fail, even with overwhelming support from “we the people.” In my past life, I was in constant debate with my late father, a civics teacher in his past life, over whether the U.S. Senate was rigged to favor the few or functioned effectively enough to serve the many. Dad’s perspective was that the many were served by giving extra voice to the few, folks who lived in rural areas where the population density was very small. If power was shared according to population, their political participation would dissolve according to the great expanses of land that separated them, leaving them powerless and hopelessly unrepresented. I could not debate Dad’s perspective then, and I cannot today. The U.S. Senate is obviously very effective at giving extra voice to the few who now control the many and force failure upon their best efforts to protect themselves and their families. The Senate has been hijacked; we are hostages and some of us may sacrifice for it.

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