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The shoe's on the wrong foot

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I was happy to see Chris McGuinness' article, "Fighting hate," in the Nov. 22 issue until I realized the article was totally incorrect. In it he quotes liberal activists saying things like, "This toxic atmosphere of political violence is being mainstreamed by President Trump," and "The fear of anyone who is a little bit different is being whipped up by the president and his supporters on a daily basis." Both statements are simply not true.

If Donald Trump's getting blamed for it all, why is it that most of the invective, hatred, and violence is coming from the Democrats? Why does their media attack Trump 24/7, and why, with their strange journalistic Alzheimer's condition, do they forget Trump's accomplishments and talk only about how terrible he is?

Why do the Democrats, with no detectable sense of humor and a paranoia that extends to Trump's very existence, talk about love and compassion but exhibit nothing but lies, prejudice, racism, and a selfish fury to the point of derangement? They're teaching our children to hate, telling them that white nationalists are evil so often that "dead white males" has become a pejorative in colleges around the country. Eva Longoria, a Latina who champions illegal immigration, says, "Trump attacks me every day," while Kamala Harris compares ICE to the KKK, which is nothing but pure insanity.

Democrats call Trump a Nazi, but he's not the one with black-masked Antifa hoodlums beating protestors and others who harass right-wing supporters in elevators, restaurants, streets, and outside their homes. The real Nazis are those who set fires, throw bricks through windows, and beat innocent protesters because they disagree. I'm sorry, Mr. McGuinness, it's the left-wing wrecking crew who are the ones trying to destroy America, not Donald Trump and his supporters.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles


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