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The show must go on



The Pewter Plough Playhouse in downtown Cambria is one of those old spots dripping with authenticity you just cannot fake, no matter how much reclaimed barn wood you might have on hand. If you've never stepped inside for a show—or smelled the slightly musty odor of ancient curtains and creaky theater chairs—I feel you're truly missing out on a certain coastal charm that is just "so Cambria." This beloved art space will receive a new dose of love (without throwing out the classic appeal) thanks to Chef Giovanni Grillenzoni. You may know the chef from his iconic Harmony Cafe, once located in the sleepy town of Harmony? Starting March 1, Grillenzoni will lease the space, now connected to the new Harmony Cafe, which continues to serve up seasonal, Italian-inspired dishes served fresh, with a personal touch. The theater will keep its old "Pewter Plough Playhouse" sign as a tribute to late theater founder Jim Buckley, but the official name will change and the space will get some TLC, including fresh carpet and an expanded courtyard. Expect the space to become prime real estate for "dinner and a show," with musicians, comedy, and art festivals mingling with movie nights, local wine, and plates of pasta. You may even be able to stop in for a live cooking demonstration sooner rather than later! All the world's a stage, and we are all merely eaters, right? Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain is waiting for her curtain call. She can be reached at

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