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The Shredder is a coward


In France, they call them "crows"—people who anonymously trash others by spreading rumors and distorting facts. At New Times, they call it "Shredder." It does not matter what you call them, their aim is to discredit people. But we are being humorous, said the young man at New Times, you are not supposed to take the Shredder seriously. Really? When you deform other people's intentions to make them appear mean spirited, as you did with me, it's supposed to be funny? And when you pretend that a joke was a bona fide statement, it's supposed to make me laugh? As far as I know, humor does not seek to harm others, only to make people laugh, and what the Shredder is doing is not humor because it seeks to disparage others, especially those who disagree with the Shredder. Worst of all, it is anonymous therefore cowardly, and people who anonymously trash others go much further in their trashing than if they had to face their adversaries. If you have something nasty to say, have the courage to sign it. If you choose to remain anonymous, have at least the decency to be honest in your comments.

Odile Ayral

San Luis Obispo

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