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The Shredder needs to have a little more respect



I have always been a strong supporter of The Shredder, but after the column “To V or not to V” (July 9) regarding parents vaccinating their children or not, I’ve changed my mind. The column, being anonymous for one puts it in a different category. The author (or authors) don’t have to identify themselves and be responsible for what is said, except to you. 

The author attacked some very special friends of mine, and I know he/she cannot know parents who are not vaccinating, or he/she would know these are caring, devoted people who have legitimate, scientifically backed reasons for being concerned about 41 vaccinations for their little children before the age of 6! I wrote you a letter which I believe you read, about this subject, but my concern is for the future Shredders. Please, review these columns and make sure they are written with respect to the subject and the people who they are written about.

-- Lynda Merrill - Morro Bay

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