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The sky isn't falling

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The elitist SLO City Council continues the progressives use of fear and lies to punish the middle class. Every 10 years, starting with Al Gore, we are told the Earth only has 10 years for us to act. How did they come up with these dates? The biggest reduction in CO2 in the U.S. has come from the reduction of coal power through the use of natural gas and nuclear power. Both of those options have been taken off the table. Energy is in everything. The council's agenda will increase the cost of energy .

The rich are rich, the poor have social welfare support. The middle class? They pay! The increased costs from regulations, product cost, taxes, fees, and the increased energy cost of goods and services are passed on to the middle class. The middle class is also hit with job and quality of life losses. Carbon is not dangerous, and life cannot survive without it. Could anyone on the council explain the carbon cycle and photosynthesis? Thought so. Check it out.

Our bodies are 18 percent carbon. The decrease in world poverty and hunger are directly related to fossil fuels. Stop. No one wants pollution, bad air, or dirty oceans. But the process to alternatives needs to not be punishing nor sold thru fear and lies painting carbon fuels and fossil fuel companies as evil or that the world is coming to an end. It is not.

Harry Fawcett

Avila Beach


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