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The Trib is full of idiots


Here we go again. The 650-word Tribune article “viewpoint� on B8 of 10/4/04 entitles another attorney to ply their wares. The last one was a veteran trial lawyer given ample space to bash the insurance companies for the high cost of health care.

The current article is authored by a family lawyer bashing the public for questioning Judge Woolpert’s decision in a recent custody case. The attorney was admitted to the bar in 1997, which hardly qualifies her as a legal scholar. She admits not speaking directly to Judge Woolpert and uses hearsay evidence of her clients to interpret the judge’s motivation in deciding the custody case. She also admits not knowing anything about the parties in the case, yet she presumes to interpret the judge’s “intuition.� Furthermore, statements like, “I am positive if you asked him� show a lack of understanding of the parameters by which one interprets the thoughts or actions of another person.

Edwin E. Bird


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