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The two parties keep us mired in BS

San Luis Obispo



In response to Ethel Lander's letter "Believe in America" (Nov. 15), I must say: What a bunch of malarkey. Ethel must have had her eyes closed these last 20 years. When she said, "The two-party system is much needed and much valued in America," I had to read it again to make sure I read it correctly.

The two-party system is among the worst institutions in Washington. The two parties are responsible for all the knee-jerk reactionary policy, like the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the Patriot Act. These two parties are responsible for the huge deficits. They are responsible for the terrible compromises like Obamacare. They are responsible for hijacking movements that could have been great.

When the Tea Party started, they wanted primarily responsible spending and fair taxation, for the sake of future generations. The Republicans picked it up and called it a mandate to cut taxes on the rich. When Occupy Wall Street started, they wanted financial reforms. They sought help from the Democrats. The Dems totally caved from pressure by lobbyists and Republicans.

Whenever the two parties disagree about how or why something should or shouldn't be done, their petty bickering and grandstanding lead to more of the same old BS. When the Kochs and Soroses are buying, the two parties are the ones selling. Back in 2008, people really did vote for change. Have we got any? No, thanks to the two-party system.

If you really want change, next time, vote for someone else.

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

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