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The United States should be pushing for freedom

Morro Bay



Vicki Fox beseeches us to support Israel at all costs (“The United States must help bring peace to Israel,” March 3). Well, the United States has a moral calling to condemn the continued theft of Palestinian land and construction of Jewish-only settlements on that land. As two former Israeli prime ministers (Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak) pointed out, Israel is on its way to implementing a system of apartheid in the occupied lands. The United States needs to vigorously oppose this and take appropriate actions, such as cutting off military aid, if Israel continues to flout international law.

As for the Palestinians, recent WikiLeaks reports show that they have been bending over backwards to try to reach a peace accord with Israel. It appears that the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is more interested in setting up a series of Bantustans, much as South Africa had, in the occupied lands. Basically, Israel has three choices: continue with its path to apartheid, give the Palestinians their freedom with a viable state, or continue the illegal and immoral occupation.

The United States should be pushing for the right result, which is freedom and a state for the occupied people.

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