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There can't be take

Los Osos



We have been mandated by the legislature to do seismic testing that is likely to kill great blue whales and other marine creatures. We have also been mandated to honor the series of new Marine Protected Areas recently created up and down the coast by the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) process.

Of particular concern are those Marine Protected Areas designated as State Marine Reserves (SMR). State Marine Reserves are our last, best hope for returning the ocean to a natural state of health and abundance.

The California Fish and Game Commission, stakeholders groups, Blue Ribbon panels, scientists, activists, and ordinary citizens worked together on the MLPA to make Marine Protected Areas a reality.

Any seismic testing done must conform with the “no-take” provisions of the Point Buchon State Marine Reserve under the Marine Life Protection Act.

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Director, Ocean Outfall Group

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