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There's nothing but volunteers behind this green door


Last Spring, I was one of 300 volunteers who gathered the signatures to place Measure G on the November ballot. In nine weeks, we gathered more than 20,000 signatures. I take issue with Al Fonzi's July 5 commentary ("Look behind the green door"), where he wrote: Measure G is a "fraudulent measure that will do significant harm to county, city, and school district budgets, not to mention taking some $60-plus million out of the local economy."

Mr. Fonzi failed to explain how Measure G is fraudulent. He failed to substantiate the claims that local coffers will suffer. And, by the way, where did Mr. Fonzi come up with the $60 million figure?

What is fraudulent is to purposefully argue wild and unsubstantiated claims.

Mr. Fonzi presented one correct fact. Measure G will ban fracking in our county. There is a valid argument for such a prohibition. Our county is a semi-arid region. Water scarcity and drought is the new normal. Fracking is a water-intensive process of oil or natural gas extraction. According to the American Geosciences Institute, a typical fracking well requires anywhere from 1.5 million to 16 million gallons of water. In addition, researchers for the Yale School of Public Health determined in a 2016 study that more than 1,000 chemicals are used in the fracking process. Many of the chemicals are known neurotoxins and carcinogens. Once water goes through the fracking process, it is no longer suitable for human consumption. The water is not recyclable.

I invite everybody to visit the Measure G website at protectslo.nationbuilder.com/. Read the measure. Learn the facts. Ignore the rhetoric. And, of course, vote yes this November for Measure G.

Robert Skinner


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