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They have us over a barrel

Carrisa Plains



OptiSolar wants it all on the Carrisa Plains. Not only do they want to devastate an area that has one of the highest concentrations of special status species in California, they want to walk all over its human residents, too. Mike Strobridge (“Caught in the path of progress,” June 12) left out some important facts about OptiSolar’s real estate offers. In our case, they’ve offered just what we have invested, which is certainly worth considering to escape this nightmare, but the catch is it’s only a purchase option. In fact, all they’re offering anyone is to lock up your place for three years while they decide if they even want it. †Meanwhile, our lives get put on hold, we're holding the bag with mortgages and taxes and they have all the control. In the end, OptiSolar could opt out and instead of watching the elk and antelope play, we'd be stuck looking at miles and miles of solar panels.

I believe that only after every home and business in SLO County has solar panels on their roofs should we consider decimating the Carrisa Plains with thousands upon thousands of acres of solar panels. †But if OptiSolar is determined to wreak havoc on the plains, they ought to have the guts and the courtesy to put their money where their mouth is. Right now they have local residents over a barrel and it just isn’t right.

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