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They're selling us out




The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been eagerly abetting Republicans in Congress in outsourcing millions of American manufacturing jobs to foreign countries. This has occurred while the Republicans have also been helping U.S. banks, including those that were bailed out with taxpayers’ money, to lock up trillions of dollars to invest only in “emerging markets” in Asia and Middle Eastern countries, where employers can pay virtual starvation wages to workers who have been the recipients of these formerly American head-of-household jobs. Chinese workers have been committing suicide at alarming rates due to unconscionable sweatshop conditions, with no health-care benefits and slave wages, receiving pennies on the dollar for brutalizing work and long hours.

This is happening while corresponding millions of the GOP’s “victims” of these outsourced jobs, American workers, starve and lose their homes and sense of dignity, and callous Congressional Republicans and Fox News ridicule them as “spoiled and lazy.” John (“Sen. Orange”) Boehner and Mitch (“Sen. Arrogant”) McConnell have made it plain: No new jobs or small business loans will be allowed to be created by the Democratic Party during 2010, 2011, or 2012, as the GOP must destroy President Obama even if millions of American workers suffer immensely while millions more American jobs are shipped overseas.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce spokesman J.P. Fielder declared, “No foreign money, from AmChams or otherwise, is used to fund political activities.”

Yet the U.S. “One World Order” Chamber has brazenly solicited millions of dollars from a dozen countries, a naked sham. Their prevarication resonates with another famous assertion (another lie) by disgraced Republican President Richard M. Nixon, who also declared “I am not a crook” right before he was indicted for anti-American activities along with his merry band of plumbers and forced to resign his presidency.

Stay tuned for the impending U.S. Department of Justice’s indictment of the “new and improved” U.S.-Russia-Communist China-Egypt-Saudi Arabia-India-Bahrain Chamber of Commerce on grounds of illegally and immorally selling out the American people to foreign countries and corporations, lock, stock, and millions of outsourced American jobs on the barrel head.

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