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Think before you criticize corporations

Santa Maria



Nearly every day there is some article complaining about the wealthy and the corporations (“Beware of the soulless corporations,” April 28). There are some of us who hope that we could become one of the wealthy. All it takes is a good idea and enough money to put at risk.

When you look at the employment in the country, it’s obvious that without the rich and corporations, there would be a lot of people out of work. The trickle-down idea is based on the rich creating jobs. Unfortunately, the tax incentives weren’t based on job creation. That’s a problem we have when we elect rich lawyers to control our government and society.

Companies go public to confine their risk to the company, but the end result is to allow the public to participate in the profits. Unfortunately, the stock market is manipulated by profit-takers who have created major problems.

The major recession we are experiencing is a result of deregulation and greed. People who normally couldn’t afford a nice home were able to have the experience for a short time. Fortunately, they have bankruptcy to fall back on.

I find that in telling people socialism doesn’t work and will destroy the United States, they don’t get it. People want the government to supply all their needs and don’t seem to care about how. When we see the government print money by the trillions, we get the idea that money will solve our problems. The education area has proven that it can’t be done with money.

So when you see those derogatory remarks about the wealthy and profitable corporation, keep in mind: They might be responsible for your American lifestyle.

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